Hey!  How are you?  Can I just say a quick thank you to those of you who have subscribed to my blog notifications and actually read them?  THANK YOU!!  I appreciate your wonderful comments and support so much!  You are such an encouragement!!

I was doing dishes after supper yesterday, listening to some music – one of my favorites, actually – Mr Jonathan Mills, and had this light bulb moment.  If we had never heard about Dani, I wouldn’t have been introduced to Jonathan.  And then it snowballed from there.  If we hadn’t watched Secret Millionaire, I believe our lives would look drastically different.  And not in a good way.

When we saw Dani Johnson for the first time on Secret Millionaire last March, I was miserable.  I would say Cory & my marriage was more like 2 strangers living in the same house.  It wasn’t headed for divorce or anything like that, but it certainly wasn’t like it is now.  Our kids were pretty good but I was totally struggling, feeling like I was a terrible mom, not able to control the anger that was burning inside of me (and not even knowing why I had so much anger).  Our house was a disaster, we watched too much tv, we weren’t doing anything to pay down our debt, we tithed, but just a few dollars here and there. I hated being in social situations because I felt like I didn’t know how to talk to people.

Who knew watching that show would literally change our lives?  As soon as the show was over, I googled Dani Johnson and the success tool that stuck out to me the most was the Grooming the Next Generation for Success.  I knew I needed help with my parenting and this was what was in front of me – I ordered it immediately.  The change I saw in ME was almost instant.  I finally had the parenting “manual” I was longing for.

So, what else has come as a result of seeing Secret Millionaire?  I’ve been introduced to a few amazing music artists, Jonathan Mills, Isa Agape, and Adam Werner.  We cancelled our cable about a year ago and now the kids actually use their imaginations, coloring and drawing, they actually play outside – riding their bikes, jumping on the trampoline.

In the past 18 months, our income from Cory’s business has tripled!  We’ve paid off over $50,000 in debt in the past 9 months (including paying off our vehicle loan – 4.5 years EARLY – we now owe NO vehicle debt – woohoo!!), we’ve tithed more in the past year than we did for our whole marriage combined and our relationships with each other are better than ever!  I enjoy keeping my house clean – I feel like keeping my home clean is a good way for me to honor Cory and the kids – I want our home to be peaceful and for us that means neat and orderly.  (Most days -lol) I enjoy cooking for my family and I actually care about hearing what my kids did at school each day!

I don’t dread being in social situations with people I don’t know because I now have the skills to strike up and keep a conversation going, even if we don’t have anything in common.  No, I’m not perfect, but I do much better than I did before!

We’ve travelled in North America so much over the past year: Washington DC, Dallas TX, LA CA, Long Beach CA, Vancouver BC, St Louis MO, Pittsburgh PA- some of these places more than once!  We’re headed back to St Louis in a couple weeks – who thinks I should have a little adventure in my life and ride the St Louis Arch ride?  And this Christmas all 5 of us will be headed to Belize with some of the most incredible people on the planet to bring Christmas to the orphans at King’s Children’s Home.  This will be our first trip to South America and I think it will be a very eye-opening experience.  I’m really looking forward to loving on the kids there, getting to know them, and doing what we can to make their Christmas special.

The friends I’ve made through the amazing DJC community are really life-long friends.  Every 6 weeks we gather at FSTS, it’s like a huge family reunion.  It’s so amazing to be part of a group of people who are encouraging.  People who lift each other up instead of kicking each other when we’re down.

I’m sure I’m missing more things – I truly feel like my life is so different than it was 2 years ago.  I am so thankful I saw Secret Millionaire – I was ready for a change!

I’m sure your marriage is smokin’ hot, your relationships with your family members are sweet, I’m sure your completely satisfied with your job, and that you are completely debt free – but you might know someone who is struggling, financially, relationally, in their career – help them out and forward this registration on to them – you just might make all the difference in their life.




One thought on “Before/After

  1. stephanie taylor says:

    Wow Natasha thank u for sharing!!!! Not only is it a comfort to know someone else has gone through this, but to know there is a way to better ones life is an amazing gift!!

    Many blessings to you 🙂

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