Where my feet may go.

I was thinking earlier today about why I love travelling so much and could I get that same feeling in my every day life. Some reasons I love travelling so much are I just love experiencing new places, seeing new things, walking in new places. Could I apply this to my home town? Heck, yeah! There have to be thousands of places just in my little town alone that I’ve never seen, never experienced, never set my feet.

So. I’m going to go exploring. I’m going to see new places. Experience new things. Put my feet in places they’ve never walked before. Take new pictures. I can’t wait!  I’ll do my best to start this lil old blog up again, keeping you posted on what I find!

(If any local friends -or friends who’ve visited my area- have any suggestions, please drop a comment in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you)!